Old Irish

Some expressions to talk like the characters. Thanks to Dennis King for his compilation and translation. 


  • Mo chen do thíchtu! (Welcome is your coming!)
  • Ad-rae búaid ocus bennachtain! (Benefits and blessing to you!)
  • Rot·bia fáilte! (A welcome awaits you!)
  • Fo-chen! (Greetings!)
  • Orddan ocus tocad duit! (Honor and fortune to you!)


Proverbial sayings

  • Is ó mhnáib do·gabar rath nó amhrath (It is from women that fortune comes, good or bad)
  • Is uilliu a somailse isind aimsir imbi fáilid nech (Food and drink taste sweeter whenever one is happy)
  • Níbi lesach nach súanach (No one who is sleepy is successful)
  • Sruithiu feb áes (Excellence is more honored than age)
  • Áithiu cech delg is óa (Younger thorns are shaper)
  • Is dénti áil d'éicin (Make a virtue of necessity)



  • Nemed mbled (Sanctuary of whales = the sea)
  • Rot·gíuil ind shrathar dodcaid (The pack-saddle of misfortune has stuck to you)
  • Rop éo uasind fhid (He was a tree that stood above the forest)
  • Cenn i mbolg (Head in a bag = ignorance)
  • Is laa 7 adaig in bith uile (Day and night are the whole world)



  • Gura féis ic faelaib do chorp! (May your body be a feast for wolves!)
  • Dolma n-aithisc for fer th'inaid do grés (Hesitant speech on your successor forever!)
  • Úir aineóil tarat! (Foreign soil over you!)
  • Bad nenaid co bráth a lucht! (May his household be nettles forever!)
  • Mallacht a gaiscid fair! (A curse on his weapons!)



  • Na sluaig na saiget segair (Armies that don't attack are attacked)
  • Immgaib ág ocus not·imgéba (Avoid a fight and it will avoid you)
  • Láech cach fer co forragar (Every man is a heroe until he meets defeat)
  • Íbait fíaich lúgbairt lacht! (The ravens will drink the milk of battle!)



  • Asoilgi laith lochrúna (Ale reveals dark secrets)
  • Deog dam! (Give me a dring!)
  • Cuirm lemm, lemlacht la catt (I like ale like a cat likes milk)
  • Trí fuiric thige degduini: cuirm, fothrucud, teine mór (Three signs of hospitality in a good man's house: ale, a bath, a big fire)



  • Is mítharba lend cach maín 7 cach maith it ingnais (Nothing is good when you are gone)
  • Celebrad duit! (Goodbye!)


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