Celtic Ireland, 5th Century AD.

When Bróenán decides to take Ciarán, a boy, the last living survivor of an enemy tribe, all of the human and divine norms of his village are shattered. This “stolen boy” will grow into a teenager, unaware of his origins and awaiting the moment to marry Olwen, the love of his life since they were kids. When his secret is finally revealed he’ll go into exile as a pirate and will capture the boy that will one day became St. Patrick.

In their determination to be together, Ciarán and Olwen will defy their tribes,  gods, and their destinies, in an adventure that will lead them to the Aran Islands, the edge of the earth.

A novel about the Song of the Swan in an old world dominated by mother goddesses and its difficult reconciliation with Christianity and the Middle Ages, an epic novel about the limits and sacrifices of love.


The book

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